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Public Sector 'D' Day!

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     Eóin O’Shea MCIAT 

    Today is mandate D day for BIM Level 2 for Public Sector works in the UK. What’s the general feeling regarding implementation of BIM Level 2 in the general industry – are we there yet or close?

     Eóin O’Shea MCIAT 

    No Takers! I’ll kick it off then.

    Great to have the mandate in place now. Set’s a clear target and milestone for the industry. Will be good to see a few public sector projects start now and see how well the project teams and clients cope with the processes. It has to be expected that it will take a little while to tease out the UK BIM Level 2 processes on local projects but I think the mandate and plenty of industry cross-collaboration will help grow our regional expertise towards the next mandate date in October for BIM validation.

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