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About our BIM Region NI Community

We have set-up as a collaborative forum for shared learning, debate and self-exploration. Through contributions from our steering group members, we will guide members as best we can through articles in our blog however BIM involves diverse processes and topics crossing many professional fields and interests. Unfortunately, there are no one size fits all answers!

The right hand section of this page shows our groups, forums, posts and discussions which are publicly available to read however, require registration to comment. We encourage all visitors to join our community to post any questions around BIM as topics via the forums to generate healthy debate and promote shared learning. There is a wealth of experience and expertise throughout all geographical and professional areas across Northern Ireland represented within our community.

BIM Region NI Membership

Please join our community to provide discussions & post comments and to tap into the vast knowledge base on hand for the best and most informed answers to any queries you may have. Membership is quick and free to set-up – we are a community forum, bound by a BIM4 Communities charter, and don’t sell anything so your information will only be used to help us tailor advice and guidance on your behalf. We ask that members to the community also follow the principles of the BIM4 Communities charter and forum rules as outlined below.

Membership Disciplines

During registration, choose the membership discipline that best describes your role within the wider industry – if your role crosses several disciplines, please use the one that represents your interests best/most. You can always change it later. This helps us better understand our member-base interests and develop advice, guidance and events for the region accordingly.

Note that joining the community as a member of one discipline does not prevent members from joining group discussions and forums relating to other disciplines or areas of interest:

  • Academia – For educators and researchers from academic organisations
  • Client – For members of private or public sector organisations procuring construction works
  • Contractor – For members who are practitioners within main contractor companies in the construction industry
  • Design Team – For practitioners in the industry who are primarily involved during design phase of construction projects [e.g. architectural technologists, architects]
  • Fabricator/Manufacturer – For members of organisations primarily engaged in supply and fabrication or manufacturing of construction products
  • Facility Management – For members primarily engaged in facility management or maintenance roles
  • Manager/Administrator – For members who perform management and/or administrative roles on construction projects e.g. construction managers, information managers
  • Non-Disciplinary – General membership level for members who have no defined role within the construction industry but are none-the-less influenced by construction and infrastructure e.g. general public, end-users of buildings
  • Specialist Designer/Consultant – For members who provide specialist design services to construction/infrastructure projects [e.g. civil engineer, MandE/MEP consultants, Structural Engineers, landscape architects etc..]
  • Sub-Contractor – For members who primarily work within sub-contracted organisations
  • Surveyor/Estimator – For members who carry out surveying, reviewing or estimating roles and associated activities on construction projects e.g. cost planners, estimators, land surveyors, building surveyors etc..

Students should join as per the above discipline which reflects their area of study – we are all students when it comes to BIM!

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How to Use this Site



  • Join the site using the link above
  • Activate your registration as requested using the link in your welcome email
  • Login to the site from the activation page or by clicking here


Your Account Section / Member Information

  • When you login to the site, your avatar [profile picture] appears on in the top right of the menu bar. If you click on this, you can access your member account page information, edit your profile and send and receive messages.

  • Within your member page you can:
    • Monitor your Activity on the site
    • View & Edit your Profile details
      • Edit your name & membership discipline
      • Change [or add] profile pictures
    • View Notifications from the site
    • Send and receive Messages
    • View and contact your Friends
    • View and access the Groups & Forums you are subscribed to [see below]
      • Click on the Forum tab to quickly access topics you have started, favourited or subscribed to follow
    • View and edit any Media for your account
  • To change your account password or email address, click on the button to the right hand side of your member page and then select settings in the drop down menu. From here you can:
    • Change your password and email information in the General tab
    • Select the Email tab to control the email notifications you receive from
    • Control public visbility of your profile details
    • Delete your account

TIP – You can also access all of the above content via the How are you, welcome message at the top right hand corner of this site page!


Joining Groups & Forum Discussions

  • Once you have logged on to the site as a member go to the Groups Page
    • You’ll find a link to it above under the Community Forum tab on the menu bar!
  • Use the Search groups box to find groups by name or browse through the list of groups below
  • Hover over any Groups you wish to join and click the Join Group button.
    • When you are added to a group, you are automatically added to the associated Forum
    • You can join as many groups as you wish!
      • We recommend first joining the BIM Level 2 Group for access to general BIM topics & discussions in the BIM Level 2 Forum and then joining other groups as necessary.
    • The Forums page can be accessed under the Community Forum tab on the menu bar.
  • Access the Forums page and click on the heading of the Group/Forums you have joined.
    • The Forum page will open showing all topics within that Forum
      • Click on the subscribe button to subscribe to the forum to be notified of updates and find it quicker later in your account section.
    • Use the search box to find topics by name or browse through the list of topics below
      • Click on topic titles to open the conversation flow allowing you to read the thread and add comments [requires login] or discussion points in reply to the author or colleagues
        • Click on the subscribe button to subscribe to forum topics to be notified of updates and new comments and/or favourite topics to find them quicker later in your account section.
      • You can also start new topics under the main forum page [click on the Forum icon in the forum header to access]
        • Please avoid posting of duplicate/similar topics – please search for existing queries/topics before posting a new one
    • If you click on the members icon on the forum header, you can see who else is subscribed to that group/forum.
      • You can add other members as friends to enable private communication with other members.
        • Once the other member has accepted your friend request, they are added to your My Friends section on your member page,
        • You can access the member messaging feature within Your Account section on the top right of the menu bar.
    • You can also send invites to any connected friends you think would be interested in joining the forum


Connecting with Members

  • The Members page can be accessed under the Community Forum tab on the menu bar
  • Use the Search members box to find members by name, membership discipline or browse through the list of members below
  • Click on the Add Friend button to connect with other members
    • If the other member confirms your friend request, the contact will be shown in the My Friends section within your account section
  • Click on the Private Message button to contact other members


Web-Site Content

  • Our About page details what we do at BIM Region NI and provides links to our steering group members
  • The BIM Level 2 page contains some information and links for BIM Level 2 standards and associated resources
  • The BIM Training section contains some information on local and national training courses and organisations
  • In our Project Showcase section, we have added some case study BIM projects by local practitioners for inspiration
  • Access our News section for general news and information on upcoming events and competitions
  • Also keep an eye on the Blog section for advice, guidance, news and event information!
    • Use the search box in the side bar on the right hand side of the Blog page to search for posts; find content specific using the News & Blog Post Categories dropdown menu or review recent posts

Forum Rules

We wish for the forum to evoke the spirit of the BIM4 Communities charter which indicates our collective commitment to:

  • focus on the goal of promoting BIM adoption and providing support on an industry-wide basis with no single bias to any one platform, group or company.
  • be mutually supportive and collaborative; sharing instances of best practice to benefit the greater good.
  • provide a forum for all specialist interest groups aiming to coordinate BIM activities; working together and pooling resources to provide an effective and practical conduit that is both knowledge-based and current.

We ask that forum members use the site as a safe and supportive environment for collaboration, discussion and mutual debate and follow the conventions as below when using

  • Any content recognised as blatant marketing, advertising or solicitation will be removed
    • Whilst we welcome input and expertise from any companies and organisations, any members with blatant commercial agendas may also be removed
  • Any vulgar or offensive language will be removed
  • Remember that different members are at different levels of BIM implementation and knowledge and that BIM is an ever evolving and changing topic with lots of different angles and perspectives!
    • There are no stupid questions!
    • Please support each other!
  • Avoid posting of duplicate topics – please search for existing queries/topics before posting a new one
  • Please avoid bickering and pointless arguing – debate is always healthy but accept that there will always be differing perspectives!


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