Avoiding BIM-Wash!

By Eóin O’Shea

PIM Smart


BIM is the hot topic in the industry right now and is subject to a lot of confusion fueling a tendency for misunderstood and inflated [sometimes deceptive] claims by individuals and businesses describing their BIM capabilities. As with whitewashing [which is often used to cover up cracks and imperfections] the term BIM-Wash has been coined to describe the use of BIM as a promotional buzzword which is not backed up by sufficient capability.

Before engaging with any professional operatives, organisations or companies [note, this goes for software vendors too] to perform any BIM related roles or supply services, it is advisable to perform some due diligence – as they say in Latin, Caveat emptor [buyer beware!].

A great starting resource to help you with this process is the CPIx Protocol which contains several different assessment forms. Prior to engaging with your supply chain on a BIM project, use these forms to assess each organisation you work with and weed out the BIM-Wash candidates from those who will actually be beneficial to you on your current and future projects. If you have a project to deliver to BIM Level 2, make sure both you and your supply chain are up to speed with the requirements or you may end up biting off more than you can chew!

Check out our page on BIM Level 2 for the relevant standards and some starter guidance.

Also check out this great succinct article by the B1M on how to focus your implementation and utilisation of BIM processes.



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